RaRa National Park

Rara National Park (RNP), is located in the high mountains of North-Western part of Mugu District. Rara National Park is though the smallest National Park of Nepal in terms of area, it inhabits Rara Lake also known as Mahendra Daha which is the largest Lake of Nepal. The lake lies at an altitude of 3.2 km above the sea level covering an area of 16km2.

Trekking to Rara Lake is 2 to 3 days from Jumla and 10 days from Surkhet. The easiest route to reach the park is by air from Nepalgunj/Surkhet Airport to Talcha Airport of Mugu followed by 2-3 hours walk to the lake. One can also take a bus route to Jumla Sagikot followed by 3-4 days of Trek to Rara.

Trekking is an adventure with an opportunity to enjoy the wealth of culture and natural beauty. With breath taking natural beauty, the trek to Rara National Park welcomes trekkers to an environment of rare cultural beauty and natural sceneries with beautiful people, beautiful landscapes, birds and endangered species like Musk deer, Himalayan Black Bear, red Panda, Himalayan Black Ghoral, Jackal and other. The speciality of Rara national park is also that it is the habitat of our National bird Danphe. The best time to visit the park is September to November and April to May.

To sum up, Words are not enough to explain its beauty of Rara. Experiencing Rara is necessary to understand its gorgeousness.